S03 E03: Tetsuji Nakamura On Life and Lessons Learned in the Martial Arts

I sat down with Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura to discuss his life studying and teaching goju ryu karate. As the World Chief Instructor for the IOGKF, Sensei Nakamura is one of the most sought-after karate instructors in the world. We talked about his beginnings in Osaka, moving to Okinawa to train with Aragaki Sensei, lessons learned from Sensei Morio Higaonna, and the keys to great sparring. We also touched on the power of positivity, the need to never give up, and his dream of one day fishing in the Amazon!

Highlights of Sensei Nakamura’s background:

  • Born in Osaka, Japan
  • Began training in judo at age 12, achieved 2nd Dan
  • Started training in goju ryu in senior high school
  • Trained with Master Shuichi Aragaki (student of Chojun Miyagi) in Okinawa
  • Two-time world champion in sparring, world champion in kata
  • Uchideshi – or Special Disciple – and head assistant instructor under Master Morio Higaonna – the founder of the IOGKF
  • Named World Chief Instructor, IOGKF, 2012
  • Currently holds 7th Dan ranking in goju ryu
  • Sensei, Shudokan Family Karate Centre, Burlington (Canada)

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