About Step Up!

I began the Step Up! podcast in 2014 with a goal to create a show that focused on long-form interviews with people who inspired me. I wanted to learn about their lives, what inspired them, and have some fun in the process.

The goal – interesting and positive programming focused on fascinating people doing fascinating things. I’ve always been someone who loves learning from the experience of others and I’ve always been intrigued by the different journeys that people take through life.

The original Step Up! logo

I had enjoyed listening to podcasts as I ran countless miles (slowly… I’m a runner who focuses more on survival than winning, haha). I listened to everything I could get my hands on that focused on longer interviews and interesting people. Podcasts by Marc Maron, Aisha Tyler, Kevin Smith, Alec Baldwin, Kevin Pollack, and countless others served as my inspiration.

What did these podcasts have in common? They weren’t rushed. They had time to breathe. They gave guests time to go off on tangents and they gave hosts the space and permission to follow them.

Step Up! guest Scott Wilson

Prior to starting Step Up! I hosted a weekly radio show that had a 30-minute time slot. When that 30 minutes was up, that was it. It often made for rushed interviews and shows that felt boxed in. I’m thankful for that experience…but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for.

So when I made the switch to the podcast format I was thrilled; I could finally give guests the time and attention they deserved!

Step Up! guest and rock icon Bif Naked

I also wanted to give back to the podcast community that had given much to me through countless hours of entertainment.

I have spoken to musicians, athletes, entrepreneurs, business leaders, television hosts, and explorers. I also love to travel, so that tends to be a recurring theme through many of the episodes.

Still going strong in 2020, I am happy to say that Step Up! has succeeded in doing these things. And I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have GREAT guests who have shared their time with me.

Olympian Sarah Nurse on the podcast

So thanks for dropping by, and most of all thanks for listening. See you down the road!

Paul de Burger