S3 E01: Angeline V. Teo on Life & Leadership in Challenging Times

I connected with Angeline V. Teo in Singapore to talk about staying positively active and motivated during the COVID-19 pandemic; we also touched on the power of mentorship, the importance of always moving forward, and Singapore’s incredible food scene.

During challenging times it’s critical to have the right attitude and real tools to help you keep moving forward. I discussed these topics with Angeline, an amazing woman who has epitomized resilience and inspired thousands through her writing, speaking, coaching, and training.

I first met Angeline in Singapore more than fifteen years ago at the Global Summit on Professional Speaking. Since then she has brought me to Asia on a number of occasions to speak and train large multi-national corporations on behalf of her consultancy, d’Oz International. I think it’s safe to say that my obsession with the tropics and really good Asian food is entirely her fault!

Angeline is President and Chief Consultant for PEP Worldwide Asia, where she helps executives and teams from multi-national corporations to “peak their performance” through coaching and training programs. Author, world traveler, and executive coach, Angeline is always working to make a difference in the lives of others. She lives by her favourite acronym – SPAM (Staying Positively Active and Motivated)!

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To learn more about Angeline: https://www.angelinevteo.com/
For more on PEP Worldwide Asia: https://www.pepworldwideasia.com/
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