S2 E05: Fareen Samji on Smashing the Grass Ceiling

I had a fantastic time meeting with Fareen Samji to discuss her journey to becoming a world class golfer, 5-time Canadian Long Drive champion, and entrepreneur. We discussed the power of creating connections, the trials and tribulations of life on tour, why it’s important to take risks, and we apologized (again) for the behaviour of Raptor fans! We spoke on location at Artisano’s bakery in Burlington, Ontario. Join us!

Fareen “Far” Samji is a former professional golfer, and a 5-time ILDC Canadian Women’s Long Drive Champion (2012-2016). With a personal best Long Drive of 334 yards, at 5’5” tall, she is considered small for the sport, proving that bigger isn’t always better… better is better. She has also achieved success as an entrepreneur, an internationally acclaimed athlete, and a community leader. Far is a dynamic presenter, clinic leader, and storyteller. Sitting down with her was a blast!

Show Notes / Links:
Far’s website: https://farsamji.com/
Far’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hititwithfar/

Paul’s professional speaking site: www.pauldeburger.com
Paul’s photography site: www.pauldeburgerphoto.com
Paul’s travel blog: Voyages & Vistas

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