S2 E04 : Adrian Leeds (HGTV’s House Hunters International) on Living in Paris, Creating Your Own Path, and Embracing the Now

I sat down with Adrian Leeds in the heart of Paris to discuss life in France, her time on House Hunters International, and why you should never get your own butter in a French restaurant. We also talk about living in the moment, life’s journey, and more.

Most listeners will know Adrian from her 37 (and counting!) guest appearances on HGTV’s House Hunters International, where she guides prospective home buyers (and renters) as they find new places to live in Paris and other locations throughout France. She is a real estate consultant, entrepreneur, and living proof that if you want to make a change in your life, it can be done!

She graciously hosted us in her home in the Marais, in the heart of Paris.

Links Discussed in the Show:
Adrian’s Website: www.adrianleeds.com – this is where you can find sign-up info for her newsletters: Parler Paris Nouvellettre®, French Property Insider, and Parler Nice Nouvellettre®.

Adrian also referred to Parler Paris Après-Midi, a gathering held the first Tuesday of each month, except August. Find the details here: http://adrianleeds.com/events/apres-midi

Paul’s professional speaking site: www.pauldeburger.com
Paul’s photography site: www.pauldeburgerphoto.com
Paul’s travel blog: Voyages & Vistas

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Step Up! S02 Ep02: Guest Camille Miller On A Life in Music, World Travel, and Stressing Out About Jack Johnson

Episode 2 of season 2 features international recording artist Camille Miller! Camille is launching her 8th album, Fight or Flight, in November of 2016. Camille has performed for audiences all over the world and is currently based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Paul and Camille talk about her life in music, the process of recording, song writing, and why Jack Johnson stresses her out (he’s just so chill!). They recount the early days of jamming to Led Zeppelin, which countries have the best food, and how things change as you get older.

Camille performs her new song “Can’t Help” live during the show, and recounts the process of creating Fight or Flight with a Brazilian producer who challenged her to explore new possibilities with her sound and writing.

Paul and Cam also talk about things she’s learned living in Brazil, the bizarre inner monologue of performers, and trading fish for upgrades on the plane. For anyone interested in the music biz – or following your passions – this is the show for you!


Links Mentioned During the Show:

Buy Camille’s new album, Fight or Flight, now at CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/camillemiller13

Camille’s main site: http://www.camillemiller.com/

Paul’s photography site: www.pauldeburgerphoto.com

Paul’s professional speaking site: www.pauldeburger.com