S1 Ep 05: Guest Trevor Malkinson on Receiving The Call, How Spirituality Impacts Motivation, and the Wisdom of Springsteen

Join Paul and his guest, minister-in-training Trevor Malkinson, who joins the show from beautiful Vancouver, B.C.
They discuss how spirituality impacts motivation, whether you can have spirituality without religion, and Trevor shares his powerful story about joining the United Church. The guys also discuss growing up in Victoria, the wisdom of Springsteen, and how Paul is a dead ringer for Jason Bourne.

This show represents a role reversal of sorts – Paul grew up Catholic but is no longer religious; Trevor grew up with no religion but is now becoming a minister. This episode is a fascinating discussion, looking at motivation and life in general through two different lenses.


About Trevor Malkinson:

Trevor is now following his call to the ministry in the United Church of Canada, but prior to that Trevor did a double undergraduate degree in philosophy and environmental studies at the University of Victoria, followed by a graduate degree in philosophy at Brock University. As a chef by trade, he has a deep interest in food and in supporting the development of a post-industrial food culture.

He also has a passionate interest in evolutionary spirituality, and how the Christian tradition can live anew within this emerging worldview. He was co-creator and writer for Beams and Struts, a popular website where he tackled philosophy, culture, food, sports, spirituality and the environment. Trevor currently lives in Vancouver, BC, with his wife, Sarah.

Links Mentioned in the Show and other Notes:

4) Leap of Faith: Springsteen – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouWEZPkbznQ
5) Indiana Jones and his Leap of Faith – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFntFdEGgws
6) Waking Up by Sam Harris – http://www.samharris.org/waking-up