S2 E05: Fareen Samji on Smashing the Grass Ceiling

I had a fantastic time meeting with Fareen Samji to discuss her journey to becoming a world class golfer, 5-time Canadian Long Drive champion, and entrepreneur. We discussed the power of creating connections, the trials and tribulations of life on tour, why it’s important to take risks, and we apologized (again) for the behaviour of Raptor fans! We spoke on location at Artisano’s bakery in Burlington, Ontario. Join us!

Fareen “Far” Samji is a former professional golfer, and a 5-time ILDC Canadian Women’s Long Drive Champion (2012-2016). With a personal best Long Drive of 334 yards, at 5’5” tall, she is considered small for the sport, proving that bigger isn’t always better… better is better. She has also achieved success as an entrepreneur, an internationally acclaimed athlete, and a community leader. Far is a dynamic presenter, clinic leader, and storyteller. Sitting down with her was a blast!

Show Notes / Links:
Far’s website: https://farsamji.com/
Far’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hititwithfar/

Paul’s professional speaking site: www.pauldeburger.com
Paul’s photography site: www.pauldeburgerphoto.com
Paul’s travel blog: Voyages & Vistas

Intro Music: RetroFuture Clean Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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S2 E04 : Adrian Leeds (HGTV’s House Hunters International) on Living in Paris, Creating Your Own Path, and Embracing the Now

I sat down with Adrian Leeds in the heart of Paris to discuss life in France, her time on House Hunters International, and why you should never get your own butter in a French restaurant. We also talk about living in the moment, life’s journey, and more.

Most listeners will know Adrian from her 37 (and counting!) guest appearances on HGTV’s House Hunters International, where she guides prospective home buyers (and renters) as they find new places to live in Paris and other locations throughout France. She is a real estate consultant, entrepreneur, and living proof that if you want to make a change in your life, it can be done!

She graciously hosted us in her home in the Marais, in the heart of Paris.

Links Discussed in the Show:
Adrian’s Website: www.adrianleeds.com – this is where you can find sign-up info for her newsletters: Parler Paris Nouvellettre®, French Property Insider, and Parler Nice Nouvellettre®.

Adrian also referred to Parler Paris Après-Midi, a gathering held the first Tuesday of each month, except August. Find the details here: http://adrianleeds.com/events/apres-midi

Paul’s professional speaking site: www.pauldeburger.com
Paul’s photography site: www.pauldeburgerphoto.com
Paul’s travel blog: Voyages & Vistas

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S2 Ep 03: Sarah Nurse on Olympic Dreams, Silver Linings, and a Life in Hockey

Episode 3 of season 2 features Canadian Olympian Sarah Nurse. Sarah is a member of the Canadian Women’s National Hockey team, and a silver medalist from the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea.

Paul and Sarah talk about her life in hockey, growing up in a family of athletes, and what it was like to wear the Maple Leaf for the first time. They also talk about food in the Olympic village, shootout strategy, and why people always pick the wrong house on House Hunters International.

Sarah shares that for anyone hoping to achieve Olympic success (or any success for that matter) “bet on yourself” and have confidence to know that you’re on the right path.


Sarah’s social media handles: IG – nursey16 / Twitter @nursey16

Paul’s professional speaking site: www.pauldeburger.com
Paul’s photography site: www.pauldeburgerphoto.com
Paul’s travel blog: Voyages & Vistas

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Step Up! S02 Ep02: Guest Camille Miller On A Life in Music, World Travel, and Stressing Out About Jack Johnson

Episode 2 of season 2 features international recording artist Camille Miller! Camille is launching her 8th album, Fight or Flight, in November of 2016. Camille has performed for audiences all over the world and is currently based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Paul and Camille talk about her life in music, the process of recording, song writing, and why Jack Johnson stresses her out (he’s just so chill!). They recount the early days of jamming to Led Zeppelin, which countries have the best food, and how things change as you get older.

Camille performs her new song “Can’t Help” live during the show, and recounts the process of creating Fight or Flight with a Brazilian producer who challenged her to explore new possibilities with her sound and writing.

Paul and Cam also talk about things she’s learned living in Brazil, the bizarre inner monologue of performers, and trading fish for upgrades on the plane. For anyone interested in the music biz – or following your passions – this is the show for you!


Links Mentioned During the Show:

Buy Camille’s new album, Fight or Flight, now at CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/camillemiller13

Camille’s main site: http://www.camillemiller.com/

Paul’s photography site: www.pauldeburgerphoto.com

Paul’s professional speaking site: www.pauldeburger.com


S2 Ep 01: Scott Wilson (TV’s Departures / Descending) – On Travel, Taking Risks, and the Terrible Taste of Tarantulas

Season 2 of Step Up! kicks off with special guest Scott Wilson. Scott is an adventurer, deep sea diver, guitar player, and creator of some of the most visually stunning travel and exploration documentaries on television. Paul sits down with Scott at Bell City Brewing, in Scott’s hometown of Brantford, Ontario.
Season 2 - sml

The guys talk about Scott’s interest in travel and his evolution as a documentarian, the birth of Echo Bay Media, and the launch of television’s Departures (OLN, National Geographic, CityTV, Netflix). Paul asks Scott about the stunning visuals created by Scott’s business partner (and camera wizard) Andre Dupuis, as well as the logistics of creating shows like Departures and Descending. They also talk about Scott’s plane crash in Indonesia, handling problems while on the road, the power of travel, and the terrible taste of Cambodian tarantulas. If you’re a fan of all things travel, film-making / television, or taking risks to realize your vision, this is a show not to miss!

A huge thanks to Bell City Brewing in Brantford for hosting us, and for providing us with the inspiration (a delicious black coffee IPA called Brewed Awakening) for the show!


Scott is a world traveller, diver, and co-founder of Echo Bay Media (with Andre Dupuis). A Gemini Award Nominee (for excellence in Canadian television), Scott has flown more than 1.1 million kilometres, visited 65 countries, and all 7 continents.

SW-THAILANDCo-founder of Echo Bay Media, and co-host of television’s Departures (three seasons), and Descending (one season), Scott has made an important contribution to the world of travel and television documentaries.
Scott is a licensed airplane pilot, motorcycle enthusiast, avid shipwreck diver, and guitar player. He lives in the Niagara Peninsula (Ontario, Canada).


A number of links were mentioned this week! Here they are:

Scott’s corporate / business site: www.echobaymedia.com

Outdoor Life Network (where you can watch full episodes of Descending): www.oln.ca/shows/descending/

Paul’s travel blog: www.voyagesandvistas.com

Paul’s photography site: www.pauldeburgerphoto.com

Bell City Brewing (Brantford, Ontario): bellcitybrewing.com

Twitter handles:

Scott – @scottdescending

Andre Dupuis – @_AndreDupuis

Justin Lukach – @MrJustinLukach

departures (TV show) – @_departures

Paul – @Paul_de_Burger





S1 Ep 07: Fashion Photographer Dixie Dixon on a Life Behind the Lens, Shooting with Soul, and Stopping Traffic in Texas

Join Paul and his guest, fashion photographer and Nikon Ambassador, Dixie Dixon! Paul and Dixie discuss her amazing career behind the lens, growing up in Texas, tips on building a business, and how to take better photos. Dixie talks about her first Nikon, her start as a photographer, and managing a shoot in downtown Dallas during rush hour.

Dixie 960x0Dixie has worked with top models in locations around the world, including Barcelona, Ibiza, New York, Vancouver, Toronto, Miami and Los Angeles. She has been published in many major publications, and works regularly for clients including Florsheim, CBS, Inside Edition, MAC Group, and many others.

Links mentioned in the show:

www.dixiedixon.com – Dixie’s business site;

www.pauldeburger.com – Paul’s business site;

www.pauldeburgerphoto.com – Paul’s photo site.

S1 Ep 06: Guest Bif Naked on a Life in Music, Fighting Cancer, and Staying Positive

Join Paul and his guest, Canadian rock music icon, actress, writer, and humanitarian Bif Naked!
Paul and Bif discuss her amazing career in music, how she became a songwriter, moving around while growing up, and the long hard road to success. They also tackle Bif’s battle with cancer, and Paul’s own experiences in watching his mother go through it. Positivity, resilience, and moving forward are themes consistent throughout the show.

Paul and Bif also touch on everything from Christmas to tattoos, covering Metallica, Bif’s favourite cities (Calgary gets a shout out!), and much more.

About Bif Naked: Bif is well known to Canadian music fans thanks to hits “Spaceman”, “I Love Myself Today”, “Tango Shoes”, “Lucky”, Bif_Naked_Forever_Album_Cover“Moment of Weakness”, and others. She’s outgoing, outspoken, and unafraid of a challenge. She describes herself as: International Recording Artist, Poet, Writer, Troublemaker, Nice Girl, Dishwasher, Martial Artist, Ballerina, Straight Edger, Tree Hugger, Bare-Knuckle Fighter, Canadian Citizen and Middle Daughter.

Her career heights have taken her around the world on tour — from Russia to Central America, from India to touring all over the U.K., Europe and North America — for twenty years — and into your homes via The Tonight Show and Buffy The Vampire Slayer!

Show Links:

Web: www.bifnaked.com

Twitter: @bifnaked

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bif-Naked/52180916228

Instagram: missbifnaked


S1 Ep 05: Guest Trevor Malkinson on Receiving The Call, How Spirituality Impacts Motivation, and the Wisdom of Springsteen

Join Paul and his guest, minister-in-training Trevor Malkinson, who joins the show from beautiful Vancouver, B.C.
They discuss how spirituality impacts motivation, whether you can have spirituality without religion, and Trevor shares his powerful story about joining the United Church. The guys also discuss growing up in Victoria, the wisdom of Springsteen, and how Paul is a dead ringer for Jason Bourne.

This show represents a role reversal of sorts – Paul grew up Catholic but is no longer religious; Trevor grew up with no religion but is now becoming a minister. This episode is a fascinating discussion, looking at motivation and life in general through two different lenses.


About Trevor Malkinson:

Trevor is now following his call to the ministry in the United Church of Canada, but prior to that Trevor did a double undergraduate degree in philosophy and environmental studies at the University of Victoria, followed by a graduate degree in philosophy at Brock University. As a chef by trade, he has a deep interest in food and in supporting the development of a post-industrial food culture.

He also has a passionate interest in evolutionary spirituality, and how the Christian tradition can live anew within this emerging worldview. He was co-creator and writer for Beams and Struts, a popular website where he tackled philosophy, culture, food, sports, spirituality and the environment. Trevor currently lives in Vancouver, BC, with his wife, Sarah.

Links Mentioned in the Show and other Notes:

4) Leap of Faith: Springsteen – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouWEZPkbznQ
5) Indiana Jones and his Leap of Faith – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFntFdEGgws
6) Waking Up by Sam Harris – http://www.samharris.org/waking-up


S1 Ep 04: Guest Robin Esrock on Travel Writing, Bucket Lists, and Disarming Spear-Wielding Locals

Join Paul and his guest, travel writer and television host Robin Esrock, as they discuss Robin’s travels, how he became a travel writer and co-host of the Gemini-nominated television show Word Travels (with Julia Dimon). The guys talks about disarming spear-wielding locals in Papua New Guinea; eating fermented shark; and exploring all seven continents of the globe.

Also discussed is Robin’s latest book,The Great Canadian Bucket List, and some of Canada’s most intriguing (but largely unknown) travel spots. Canada’s Dead Sea, quaffing sour toe cocktails in Dawson City, and being a tourist in your own town is also covered.

About Robin Esrock:robin-esrock2012-web1

Robin co-hosted Word Travels, a documentary-style television show with fellow travel writer Julia Dimon; together they covered 36 countries in 6 continents over 40 action-packed episodes. The show has aired on OLN, City TV, Nat Geo Adventure, and Travel Channel.

His writing has been published in over a dozen major publications worldwide, including National Geographic Traveler, The Guardian, Chicago Tribune, Sydney Morning Herald, Toronto Star and South China Morning Post.  He has been featured on CNN, Forbes Travel, MSNBC, Travel+Leisure, Huffington Post, the CBC, CTV, Global, Breakfast Television, and many others, consulting regularly as a travel expert. Robin has written regular columns for the Globe & Mail, Vancouver Sun, MSN, Outpost Magazine, and many others. He is the author of the best-selling book – The Great Canadian Bucket List: One-of-a-Kind Travel Experiences.

Having now visited over 100 countries on 6 continents (adding number 7 soon!), Robin continues to write, blog, tweet, and film his ongoing adventures. He lives in Vancouver with his wife Ana and their daughter Raquel.

Links Mentioned in the Show:

www.robinesrock.com (Robin’s website)

www.wordtravels.tv (Main site for the Word Travels television show)

www.canadianbucketlist.com (Site for Robin’s book and Canadian Bucket List project)

www.pauldeburger.com (Paul’s main business site)

www.pauldeburgerpodcast.com (Paul’s podcast site, and home of Step Up!)




S1 Ep 03: Shark Tacos, the Ups and Downs of Juggling, and Failing to Impress Ed Asner with Michael Goudeau

Join Paul and his guest, Las Vegas entertainer Michael Goudeau as they discuss Goudeau’s amazing career and his work with Penn & Teller and Lance Burton. The guys also tackle the brilliance of tacos, the ups and downs of a career in juggling, Penn’s Sunday School, monkey Tuesday, Goudeau’s failure to impress Ed Asner on The Tonight Show, how Goudeau saved Super Dave Osborne from almost certain peril, this week’s Best Thing in the World, and more.

About Michael Goudeau:

Goudeau is a professional juggler and current co-host of Penn’s Sunday School with Penn Jillette. He has been nominated for 10 prime time carrotsEmmy awards for his work as a writer and executive producer on Penn & Teller’s Bullshit! He juggled from July 1991 to September 2010 in the Lance Burton show, making Goudeau’s the longest running variety act in Las Vegas history. A graduate of Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Clown College in 1978, he toured with the circus until 1981. As a performer he has entertained audiences the world over, and has worked with a wide range of iconic entertainers including the Smothers Brothers, Terri Garr, and Lyle Lovett. Goudeau is a world record holder, appearing in the 2015 Guiness Book of World Records for taking 151 bites from three apples in one minute. He has written a book on making extreme pancakes, sells novelty barbeque covers, and once showed Bobby Flay how to prepare shark tacos.

Links mentioned in the show (or topics that deserved to have a link mentioned):

www.michaelgoudeau.com (Goudeau’s main site)

www.pennsundayschool.com (Penn’s Sunday School with Penn Jillette, Michael Goudeau, and Matt Donnelly)

www.thepancakeproject.com (Goudeau’s extreme pancake site)

www.bbqzoo.com (Goudeau’s BBQ Zoo site)

www.pauldeburger.com (Paul’s main business site)

www.lanceburton.com (Site for magician Lance Burton)