S1 Ep 02: On Bob Barker, Interviewing Sitcom Stars, and 30 Mins to Live with Sue London

Episode two of Step Up! with Paul de Burger is fifty-four minutes well spent with the dynamic Sue London. Sue is a popular radio host and executive producer, with an amazing story about how she persevered after being given just thirty minutes to live after her intestine burst.


We talk about tenacity, why ‘done is better than perfect’, the importance of never giving up, meeting Pinball Clemons, and Sue’s love of birthdays. We also chat about some of her iconic guests, from Bob Barker and Loretta Swit to Julie Newmar and Dee Wallace. Sue shares what she’s learned by interviewing extremely successful people in their field, and what it takes to be a successful radio host.

We also tackle some listener feedback from episode one, and discuss the world’s preoccupation with food.

Links mentioned in the show (or topics that deserved to have a link mentioned):

www.asksuelondon.com (Sue’s main business page)

www.GetInspiredMediaNetwork.com (Sue’s media network)

www.pauldeburger.com (Paul’s professional speaking website)

www.pauldeburgerphoto.com (Paul’s artistic side)